12 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed Everyday

Smoke weed everyday!

Just about everyone you know is aware of the infamous line from Snoop Dogg’s “The Next Episode”.

The line stating to “Smoke Weed Everyday” is a motto most of us live by, but is Snoop Dogg’s advice really warranted?

Most may think that it’s just a “stoner” thing to say, but there may be some reason behind this saying…

Can smoking weed everyday actually be beneficial for you?

We think it can be, and we have 12 reasons to prove why you should smoke weed everyday…

1. Weed Helps To Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is something that plagues the majority of people, so this could help those in need.

Cannabinoids have actually been shown to fight inflammation!

If only it were prescribed just as much as inflammation is diagnosed…

2. Smoking Marijuana Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

The effects of marijuana on metabolism and insulin levels are hard to dismiss.

This study found that marijuana use was associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR (insulin resistance), leading to an overall smaller waist circumference!

3. Weed Boosts Creativity

This should be pretty obvious to anyone that’s smoked weed.

PsychologyToday even wrote a great article on the connections between creativity and marijuana, so be sure to check that out here for more information!

4. Smoking Helps To Relieve Pain

Not only does it relieve pain, its relieves chronic nerve pain that may result from post-surgical operations.

A study was conducted using different kinds of marijuana, with THC levels ranging from 9.4%, 6%, and 2.5% with placebos included as well.

They found that the patients who smoked the strongest variety actually saw the most amount of pain reduction than those who smoked a lower dose!

5. Weed Can Energize You

Sativas are the type of cannabis that give you a euphoric “head high,” when Indica strains tend to relax your body and give you the “couch-locked” feeling.

Going to a dance party? Best bring your sativas.

6. Weed Can Help You Go To Sleep

Since we spoke about Sativas giving you more energy in #5, a certain strain can help you fall asleep at night..

If you guessed Indica, you’re correct!

It’s your Grandaddy Purple, your Kushes, and G13 that will send you into a comfy haze of relaxation. Smoke these to help you go to sleep and get the best sleep you ever had!

7. It’s a Neuroprotective

This should be your number one reason to smoke weed everyday – it’s good for your brain!


A study was done where rats were tested with THC and CBD, and the results showed that both cannabinoids are great antioxidants and neuroprotectives. You can find more about this study here..

8. Weed Can Help With Your ADHD

A study from 2008 titled “Cannabis Improves Symptoms of ADHD” found that marijuana can actually help those with ADHD with their symptoms!

Fox News has even published a story about a couple from California who had tried everything to treat their 15-year old’s ADHD, and eventually settled on prescribed cannabis candies.

Of course, the news station was questioning the prescription itself, but this just goes to show how Californians feel about medical marijuana!

9. It Can Lower Blood Pressure

Believe it or not, smoking weed can actually help those who suffer from high blood pressure.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to reduce blood pressure.

CBD has great potential for helping to alleviate the ongoing heart disease issues we face in America!

You can find more about this here.

10. Weed Can Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Remember how THC and CBD are known neuroprotectives?

Well, those same antioxidants are shown to slow down the buildup of proteins that are known to cause Alzheimer’s!

This study shows that there is promising potential for using cannabinoids to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

11. It Can Help Treat Multiple Types Of Cancer

Here’s an interesting snippet from this study about cannabinoids and cancer from the National Cancer Institute:

“Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory”

On the same website, it says that Cannabis is not approved by the FDA for treating cancer and related symptoms.

Something doesn’t seem right there….

We can only wait and cross our fingers to see marijuana regularly diagnosed to cancer patients in the future!

12. It Can Help With Depression

Unfortunately, our country is plagued with depression…

Us stoners know that weed can put a silly grin on your face, but is it actually viable to treat your depression using cannabis?

The Huffington Post wrote an article citing research about how chronic stress was found to reduce our own endocannabinoids in our bodies, and cause what we experience as depression.

After administering marijuana to depressed rats, it was found that cannabis restored the body’s endocannabinoids, and thus alleviated the depression associated with low levels of endocannabinoids!

Conclusion: You Should Smoke Weed Everyday!
Smoking weed can actually be very beneficial on the health frontier, and there are MANY more reasons to smoke weed everyday than we can put in a single article.

However, our advice isn’t that from a medical professional.

If you do suffer from any of these issues, make sure to see a medical professional and do your own research before assuming medical marijuana is for you.

But for those stoners out there, keep on toking!

Conclusion: Your body will love you for it so… smoke weed everyday!

What is your favorite application for marijuana? Let me know in the comments below!

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