33 Amazing signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. # 10 is a blurred vision

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition known to cause widespread pain, fatigue and mental confusion. However, the disease is complex: it can cause a multitude of symptoms and is often accompanied by comorbidities, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or chronic fatigue syndrome. Since fibromyalgia was officially recognized only a few decades ago, doctors are still learning about the disease and may not be able to prepare patients with fibro-larynx for all the different symptoms they may have. feel.

To better understand the different ways in which this disease can affect people, we asked our powerful community to share some of the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia that surprised them. Did you have unexpected symptoms of fibro? Let us know in the comments below.

This is what the community shared with us:

1   . “Having a painful asthma attack makes me nauseous and makes me physically sick.”

2   . “The relentless itch that appears randomly, has no feet or head, sometimes comes with hives or red spots. The itching is insatiable and moves from one place to another. “

3   . “The constant feeling of fatigue. I sleep between eight and twelve hours a day and I am always tired. “

4   . “Forgetting the words I use every day.”

5   . “Having an overactive bladder.”

6.   “All the other medical conditions that accompany … migraine, irritable bowel syndrome”, Raynaud’s phenomenon, chronic fatigue, insomnia and many others. Rarely is it a diagnosis in itself. “

7   . “The sensitivity of the skin. If someone touches me, even the lightest one feels that they have hit me hard. “

8   . “Horrible menstrual cycles that leave me in bed with a heating pad in my stomach and panting in a fetal position.”

9.   “Feeling” crazy “. I feel drunk Even lose balance when walking. “

10   . “Occasional blurred vision, even with glasses, as if you saw things through the water”.

11   . “Migraines and constant headaches that I deal with every day”.

12   . “Strange skin sensation and lack of temperature control”.

13   . “Absolute disease. I can trip over my own feet and roll my ankles in the grass. This is an extreme case of lack of coordination. “

14   . “Blisters after being in the sun. Even with the use of sunscreen / without sunburn. “

15   . “I have the impression of having insects crawling on me to the point of being bitten by it.”

16   . “I was surprised that even my hair could hurt me.”

17   . “Constant sweating, even when it’s not hot.”

18   . “Leave a rash without any reason.”

19   . “The weakness in the hands and arms of pain. I played the violin for six years and had very strong hands, but when the symptoms of my fibromyalgia began, my hands were hit first and the strength never regained its strength. “

20   . “The smells make me very bad”.

21   . “Amazing symptom? Without a clue The most surprising thing is that you do not know what a symptom of fibromyalgia is or what it is not. So many symptoms, so many coexisting conditions. I have no idea what a symptom of fibromyalgia is. “

22   . “Neurological slowness! Bad instant recovery “

23   . “The way in which some of the symptoms can [make me] disappear for several days, then everything disappears to return the next day.”

24   . “Hair falls down! When you wash your hair with shampoo, you have enough hair to make a wig. Fortunately, I have a lot of hair. “

25   . “Vaginal muscle spasms! Yes, do not leave anything intact! And no, it’s not right! “

26   . “He is not comfortable, ever. You sit down and the person is agitated. She writhes and tries to make herself comfortable. He lies down and FIDGET and writhes to try to get comfortable. Try to get up, shake, twist and try to get comfortable. Nothing is more comfortable. “

27   . “It sounds. In fact, he is so irritated by the different sounds that he left the place.

28   . “My skin always feels very singed by the sun. I never thought about how much the clothes could hurt. I tend to buy more the feel of the fabric and its neckline in my body than it seems. “

29   . “I’m fine without being hungry, no matter what I eat or the idea of ​​food makes me sick, there’s no one in the middle.”

30   . “Tingling and weakness at the end of a tiring day. It is as if my body tried to heal desperately when I was tired. “

31   . “My hands contract and tremble. I had never had one until now. The weirdest thing! It does not hurt, but I lost control of things. “

32   . It hurts “the water. It’s so hard to explain that going into a pool or a cold lake is too painful for me. Even the shower hurts. “

33   . “You know what? Nothing surprises me about fibromyalgia! “

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