65 percent of Americans say it’s ‘morally acceptable’ to smoke pot

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say that smoking marijuana is “morally acceptable,” while 31 percent disapprove of pot on moral grounds, according to a new survey released Monday by Gallup.

That’s a sharp jump from 2013, when a similarly worded question in a Public Religion Research Institute survey found that slightly fewer than half of Americans said it was morally acceptable to smoke marijuana.

The shift in moral acceptance of marijuana mirrors the shift in support for legalization over that time period, which rose from 48 percent at the end of 2012 to 64 percent last fall, according to Gallup.

On the spectrum of morality, Americans now rate marijuana use similarly to gay and lesbian relations, stem cell research, and having a baby outside marriage, according to Gallup. It’s seen as significantly more acceptable than medical testing on animals, abortion and pornography. But it’s viewed as less acceptable than alcohol use, which 78 percent of respondents say is morally acceptable.

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