Is a narcissist ever sorry?  Yes and no…

If you are wondering if a narcissist is ever sorry for the hurt they cause or how they make you feel, then the answer has to be, ‘no’.  They simply don’t care how their behaviour makes others feel.  Remember, it’s all about them, their feelings and their needs.  These disordered individuals feel that they are above reproach.  If they behaved badly, then it’s somebody else’s fault.

“If you hadn’t pushed me too far, I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did.”

“You’re just too sensitive.”

Narcissists are delicate souls who fail to take responsibility for their conduct.  They can’t accept criticism or blame but instead shift blame onto others.  By shifting blame the narcissist will protect their ever so fragile ego from bruising.  They are terrified of looking too deep within themselves, to accept the shame of recognizing who they are.  Self-reflection is avoided at all costs.  To be sorry for their behaviour would be tantamount to admitting that they were wrong and that’s not going to happen.

So what, you may ask, will a narcissist be sorry for?

They will be sorry that they have been found out, that you figured them out for who they really are.  That wasn’t supposed to happen!

They will be sorry that they will lose control over you.  Narcissistic supply is vital for their wellbeing and if you were a good source, the subsequent loss can be devastating to someone with such precarious self-esteem issues.

Narcissists don’t do solitude so if you decide that you have had enough and leave them to their delusional hell, their world may disintegrate.  So yes, they will be sorry.

I am sure you get the picture now.  The narcissist may be sorry but those ‘sorrys’ are reserved solely for themselves.

Written by Anne McCrea

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