The World Health Organization is looking to make up for lost time, as far as Mary Jane is concerned. And while that majority of buddha-lovers are probably in unison when they “WHO CARES!,” the organization “re-organization” is still a pretty big W for the weed advocates who fought long and hard for decades on end.

What this all means on a more profound level is this: the WHO will change all the official writing or regulations regarding Marijuana – that includes the removal of whole-plant marijuana and cannabis resins from the “extremely restrictive” list of substances logged under the headingSchedule IV in their official database. All THC-contaminated substances or isomers as they’re called in the scientific community will also switch over to aless restrictive category – to match the U.S. Government’s Schedule I categorizatio

Marijuana users tend to have more sex than people who don’t smoke, according to Stanford researchers.

As the original report goes on to explain, the pro-Marijuana turn comes vetted by UN reps. So when the WHO recommodifies their database, UN reps will then engage with World leaders to coerce (not enforce) rule changes across the board. To the casual smoker who lights up without provocation, all these regulatory changes might seem redundant on the surface, but as I said before, this is a big WIN for the activist community, several years too late.